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Why would someone want to work for ardent security?

Ardent Security is a fast growing company providing outstanding opportunities. We are a family owned and operated business that believes in paying our employees the highest security officer starting wage in northern california. We have many exciting positions to work, including vehicle patrol, events, We are passionate about security. If you are passionate about security like us, enjoy working outdoors, want to be a part of an amazing team that values its employees, and would like to receive best in the industry wages then Ardent Security may be for you. We don’t just hire anyone. We are looking for the best and the brightest in the security industry that will carry our passion of security with them into the field.


How does someone apply to work for ardent security?

Ardent security is constantly looking to expand our workforce and we continue to grow at a rapid pace. If you are interested in being a part of an amazing team that values and invests in its staff, that continues to pioneer leadership in the security industry then we would love for you to fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

Who is a good fit to work at ardent security?

We are looking for security professionals that are hard working, have the ability to communicate effectively, are able to use appropriate and reasonable use of force when necessary, but also able to deescalate hostile situations, have a strong desire to protect people and their assets, and work as a team. We look for individuals who want to be a part of a team, who are proactive and self starters, who are as passionate about security as we are.

What is ardent Security looking for in a potential applicant?

We are looking for experienced Unarmed and Armed Security Officers to join our team. The Security Officer is responsible for protecting premises, assets and personnel. You will be patrolling the facilities, monitoring surveillance equipment, and inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points. You will be required to respond to any security-related incidents or emergencies. Our security personnel are proactive,

Ardent Security is looking for an individual that will work hard, work as a team, and be committed to their assignment or role. Often we hire individuals that are looking for experience or want to use security as a stepping stone towards a law enforcement career.

When does ardent security hire new applicants?

At Ardent Security we are continually looking to expand our staff of security professionals and we need to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding area of service.


Do I need Previous Security experience?

While it’s not required, we do welcome experienced security professionals. We currently have a staff of professionals from all walks of life, but a heavy emphasis on experienced or former law enforcement. At Ardent, we only hire the best. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our team then fill out the form below.

To work security in California you need a BSIS Guard Card


What is a BSIS Guard Card?

A BSIS Guard Card is a license that is required by the Deparement of Consumer Affairs issued by the Bururea of Security and Investigative Services. This is the minimum standard required to work as a guard in the state of california


How do I get a BSIS guard card?

Registered security guards are employed by Security Service Providers or private security companies to protect property or prevent theft as defined in Business and Professions Code (BPC) Section 7582.1. To apply for a security guard registration with the BSIS, you must be 18 years or older to apply for a position as a security guard in California. A criminal history background check will be completed through the FBI and the DOJ. You must also complete the Power to Arrest training.

In order to become a BSIS security guard, you must first pass a criminal background. You can do this by using the Security Guard Request for Live Scan Service form, which is available for download on the Bureau’s website. The form contains the correct coding needed to ensure that the Bureau receives the information in a timely manner- if you don’t use the correct form, it will delay the processing of your application. Remember that you will have to pay all Live Scan, DOJ and FBI processing fees at the time of submission.

Power to arrest training must be completed before a security guard registrant can be issued a Security Guard Registration. If a security guard registrant is unable to provide their employing licensee the certificate of satisfactory completion of the power to arrest training, the registrant must complete the training within six months of their employment date. Lastly, the thirty-two hours of security officer skills training must be completed within the first six months of registration.

If a security guard is unable to produce on request to their employing PPO a copy of their certificates of satisfactory completion of the security officer training within the time limits stipulated, the employees are required to fulfill the eight-hour continuing education requirements no later than 30 days from the date they are enrolled in work. Establishing good faith to perform the remaining 16 hours of training within six months after that.

All security guards in the state of California are required to complete eight hours of continuing education annually. This training can be administered by a Private Patrol Operator, a BSIS approved course provider or by a BSIS certified training facility. All registered security guards must maintain their certificate of completion of the required training until their registration expires or is canceled.

The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) offers an online application for security guard registration via BreEZe. By submitting your application online, you can bypass the Cashiering Office and reduce processing time by up to two weeks.

You can submit your registration application and fee to BSIS via mail below:

P.O. Box 989002
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9002

It may take up to 4-6 weeks for applications to be processed. However, processing times could be extended due to the time it takes for the Bureau to receive responses from the DOJ and FBI, as well as make the determinations required by law.

To verify that a security guard is registered with BSIS, go to the “Verify a License” page at https://www.bsis.ca.gov/forms_pubs/online_services/verify_license.shtml and enter the security guard’s information.

security guards must possess a valid and current security guard registration card while on duty; however, a person may work as a security guard pending receipt of the hard-copy security guard registration card if he or she has been approved by the Bureau, carries on his or her person a hardcopy printout of the Bureau’s approval from the Bureau’s website, and has valid picture identification. Applicants should receive their license in the mail within 3 weeks.

You need to keep your address up to date with the bureau so you get your renewal notices. The bureau will automatically mail you a renewal form about 90 days before your registration expires. You need to submit your completed renewal application or coupon at least 60 days before it expires to give the bureau enough time to process it. If a security guard’s registration has lapsed, he or she can submit a completed renewal application along with the associated fee. You may also choose to renew your security guard registration online using BreEZe. This process can reduce application processing time by up to two weeks and updates your registration information in real-time. To create a BreEZe account, pay the renewal fee with a credit card, and submit your application online, visit the BreEZe website.

If you don’t renew your guard registration within 60 days of its expiration, it will be canceled and you won’t be able to renew it (BPC Section 7583.20). If you don’t submit your renewal application on time, including payment of all required fees, your registration will be canceled and you’ll have to apply for a new one. If you submit your renewal application after your registration has expired but before 60 days have passed, you’ll have to pay a delinquency fee in addition to the renewal fee.


What is ardent securities core values?

Passion to protect people and their assets

We are passionate about two things, security and people. Our passion to protect and serve others will always be the driving force of what do and how we do it. This will never change. Ever!

Providing outstanding customer service

We believe in quality over quantity. Getting what you paid for, and never sacrificing service to make a buck. Never overbidding and under providing. We will always provide excellent service at a fair and honest price.

Listening to our customers

We hear you. Our commitment is to value our customer’s feedback. We strive for excellence, but recognize there is always room for improvement. We will always look to our customer’s feedback to improve our services.

Effective Leadership

There is something to be said about effective and innovative leadership. Leadership from the top down, building a culture of hard work, ethics, integrity, professionalism, and caring for our customers. This creates better training, better management, and better employees, for a superior service.


We will always be transparent in our billing, the service we provide and our communication. There will never be any hidden fees or surprises.


We embrace technology and will utilize to increase accountability, improve efficiency, and provide our clients a better ROI

Giving back and serving others

We love our community as much as we are passionate about security. There’s no better